Rogua Racing [Record Pista] Quad Speed Skates Plates

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Each ROGUA plate is made entirely by hand. Each piece is unique and different from each other in the finish. Having a plate ROGUA, means having a small work, crafts made in Italy.

Rogua_sgancio-rapido_2016_011 The ROGUA speed skates plates, is made from a special aluminum alloy block, led to the crystallization temperature and molded by forging. This molding technique, gives the plate great resistance, but at the same time allows minimum twisting of the material. The alloy is produced in which the plate is the result of months of experimentation in the laboratory of Rieti and machining, and finishing the various crafts are features of real Made in Italy. Technological research and attention to detail, passion fruit designer Roberto Guadagno, are highlighted in detail, such as steel pins 7 mm, the truck, with a new quick release system, which allows the immediate replacement of wheels , without using tools. A change of a single wheel can happen in two seconds. The weight of lightness. The main characteristic of the plate ROGUA is its lightness. Every little detail in the design phase is designed to meet this parameter. After forging that gives the material an incredible resistance, the plates are subjected to a process for degreasing and polishing. Unlike other similar products processing continues with the insertion of threaded bushings brass which prevent the binding of the central pin of the cruise chrome steel, of aluminum in the slab. Furthermore tips of steel spiders working in small glasses of stainless steel, permanently housed for interlocking in aluminum alloy. The plates ROGUE, you can define products eternal. Supports suspensions. ROGUA was the first to adopt lightweight machined aluminum plates as accommodation suspension. The suspension of polymer have been subject to long testing of athletes on the track. The two rubbers have the original profile barrel. This allows an incredible being pushed back into place the cruise providing a seal on all the floors and conditions.  
Rogua_Racing_2016-022Born to race.  
Si sa che le piastre quad da velocità vengono montate sulla calzatura, spostandole nella parte anteriore della suola. Questo comporta che il tallone della scarpa si deformi verso il basso perchè quasi sempre è al di fuori della pistra. ROGUA non ha questo problema in quanto è asimmetrica. L’asse della crociera anteriore è fortemente spostata verso la punta. Questo permette un naturale centramento della piatra sulla calzatura. Rogua_Racing_2016-027Diameter wheels. The plate can be fitted with wheels up to a maximum diameter of 65mm max 70 mm, without touching on the frame. Design. Last feature that deserves attention is the aesthetic. The ROGUA brand on the left front and the stripes that echo the colors of the five Olympic rings are a sign distintivio of this product. The graphics are punched and filled by hand with two-component paints before the step of polishing by hand.

Use today, a plate ROGUA means to revive a small piece of history of speed skating.



Size ROGUA Racing and Racing Record Pista

A= Wheelbase B = Plate length

ROGUA Racing 138 – A=138mm B=216mm
ROGUA Racing 146 – A=146mm B=224mm
ROGUA Racing 154 – A=154mm B=232mm
ROGUA Racing 162 – A=162mm B=240mm
ROGUA Racing 170 – A=170mm B=248mm

Weight ROGUA Racing Record Pista

+/- (Grams / Ounces)

ROGUA Racing [Record Pista] 138 = 305 g / 10,7586 oz.
ROGUA Racing [Record Pista] 146 = 311 g / 10,9702 oz.
ROGUA Racing [Record Pista] 154 = 317 g / 11,1818 oz.
ROGUA Racing [Record Pista] 162 = 321 g / 11,3229 oz.
ROGUA Racing [Record Pista] 170 = 328 g / 11,5699 oz.

Weight ROGUA Racing

+/- (Grams / Ounces)

ROGUA Racing 138 = 356 g / 12,5575 oz.
ROGUA Racing 146 = 361 g / 12,7339 oz.
ROGUA Racing 154 = 365 g / 12,8751 oz.
ROGUA Racing 162 = 368 g / 12,9808 oz.
ROGUA Racing 170 = 370 g / 13,0514 oz.

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