ROGUA shoe with uppers of leather in black color. Synthetic lining breathable, suede heel slip. 5mm removable insole. Rigid sole waterproof 3.5mm thick, made ​​of plastic material. Shoe handmade by artisan shoemaker. Made in Italy BUY ONLINE

EU     US      Foot   ROGUA-RACING            ROGUA MA-H
EU:36  US:4    223mm  Rogua138 (138mm/216mm)  M-AH4 (136mm/224mm)
EU:37  US:5    230mm  Rogua138 (138mm/216mm)  M-AH4 (136mm/224mm)
EU:38  US:6    236mm  Rogua146 (146mm/224mm)  M-AH4 (136mm/224mm)
EU:39  US:7    243mm  Rogua146 (146mm/224mm)  M-AH5 (150mm/241mm)
EU:40  US:8    250mm  Rogua154 (154mm/232mm)  M-AH5 (150mm/241mm)
EU:41  US:9    256mm  Rogua154 (154mm/232mm)  M-AH5 (150mm/241mm)
EU:42  US:9,5  263mm  Rogua162 (162mm/240mm)  M-AH6 (164mm/257mm)
EU:43  US:10   270mm  Rogua162 (162mm/240mm)  M-AH6 (164mm/257mm)
EU:44  US:11   276mm  Rogua170 (170mm/248mm)  M-AH6 (164mm/257mm)
EU:45  US:12   283mm  Rogua170 (170mm/248mm)  M-AH7 (180mm/274mm)
EU:46  US:13   290mm                          M-AH7 (180mm/274mm)
EU:47  US:14   297mm                          M-AH7 (180mm/274mm)