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Rogua MA-H – Store

The plate M-AH Special is a new plate ROGUA with connection for the brake pad. M-AH has the same construction technique and the same high quality materials Model ROGUA Racing and inherits this from the wheel axles with the famous quick release ROGUA. MA-H is a solid plate and indestructible, and if you think that the quick release is less sure of the self-locking nut you are wrong is the opposite, the nut can be unscrewed! The quick release ROGUA is designed to resist any lateral stress as it has the sense of unity to plug the mechanism of solid steel and has been tested on the road for several months.
The quick release will allow you to replace the entire train of wheels within seconds, even with skates and if you are good on the go! ROGUA M-AH is a plate good for the Roller Derby for the Hockey for Quad Freeskate and Freestyle. If you would rather just aces with the nut in our store is available cruising with nuts.

ROGUA MA-H is available in four sizes:

ROGUA M-AH 4: Wheelbase 136mm – Length: 224mm – Shoe 35/38 EUR
ROGUA M-AH 5: Wheelbase 150mm – Length: 241mm – Shoe 39/41 EUR
ROGUA M-AH 6: Wheelbase 164mm – Length: 257mm – Shoe 42/44 EUR
ROGUA M-AH 7: Wheelbase 180mm – Length: 274mm – Shoe 45/48 EUR


(Grams / Ounces)
ROGUA MA-H 4 = 439g / 15,485 oz. +/-
ROGUA MA-H 5 = 459g / 16,1907 oz. +/-
ROGUA MA-H 6 = 488g / 17,2137 oz. +/-
ROGUA MA-H 7 = 517g / 18,2366 oz. +/-

NEW Truck Quick-Release 7mm Axle GOLD Carbide

The quick release ROGUA has its axis of 7mm bearing code 627

The plates ROGUA are totally handcrafted, designed and produced by Roberto Guadagno and are Made in Italy. The circulation of these plates is limited so do not waste time!

Rogua MA-H – Store